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The Riverina Dairy Company produces a wide variety of dairy products including fetta, haloumi and specialty cheeses for the retail market found in Australian supermarkets. Additionally, cheeses, yoghurt and sour cream are created for food service customers.

Why should I choose Riverina Dairy?

The difference is we are Australian made and owned. We have our own farm in Corowa which delivers all our milk direct to the dairy in Albury. It’s cheese less travelled and less travelled not only means it’s as fresh as it gets it’s better for the environment too!

Where can I buy your fetta and haloumi?

Riverina Dairy cheeses are available in most major supermarkets and some specialty stores throughout around Australia. If you can’t find a product, call our office on 1300 307 607 and we will find our products closest to you.

If you’re a food service business get in touch with our Sales Team on 1300 307 607 and we can talk more about how Riverina Dairy can be part of your business.

How should I store your cheeses?

Our cheeses should be stored in their original packaging in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C or below until ready to use. Please check the packaging for individual Best Before Dates and the product pages on our website for specific information about each product.

How long does fetta and haloumi last?

Riverina Dairy fetta and haloumi in unopened, sealed vacuum packs have a 4 – 6 month shelf life (depending on the product) and kept refrigerated at or below 4°C. Once packets are opened, they can be stored in airtight containers or aluminum foil in the fridge and consumed within 3 days.

Does Riverina Dairy sell milk?

No! There is a different company called Riverina Fresh who distributes the popular milk brand.

How do I cook haloumi?

Slice into 1cm strips and BBQ or cook on a medium heat for 2-3 minutes each side until golden brown. You can grate haloumi over potatoes and bake, haloumi can be grated and added to fritter recipes, cubed haloumi goes well in quiche. Sliced, cubed and whole haloumi can also be baked, grilled or air fried. Grate over potatoes and bake, grated in fritters, cubes in quiche; our recipes will inspire your inner chef.

Why do you use cow’s milk for fetta?

Traditional fetta is made from a mix of sheep and goats milk and we have achieved a similar full flavour through our cheesemaking process for Australian consumers.

Why is Riverina Dairy fetta different?

Riverina Dairy Greek Fetta is the only fetta in the Australian market made with double cream. The result is a better texture and improved cheese flavour. Riverina Dairy’s Smooth Fetta is unique – it’s crumbly and has a silky smooth texture compared to Danish Fetta.

Why is Riverina Dairy haloumi different?

Riverina Dairy haloumi is the most awarded haloumi in Australia – winning numerous medals at national dairy competitions year on year.

Why does haloumi squeak?

When producing haloumi the result is a level of fat and a high pH. This dense casein produces a squeak when rubbed against teeth enamel. A good squeak when haloumi is cooked means the haloumi is at its peak freshness.

Where are your dairy products produced?

All our products are produced in our facilities located in Albury in southern NSW. Being part of a regional community is important to us and we employ around 100 staff and contractors in the region.

What is the Riverina?

The Riverina, otherwise known as ‘Australia’s Food Bowl’, is a region in South Western NSW bordered on the south by the state of Victoria and on the east by the Great Dividing Range.

What are the ingredients used in your cheeses?

We use all natural ingredients and seek to source all our materials locally in Australia. We use only the freshest and highest quality milk from our own farm in Corowa, southern NSW – located just an hour down the road from the dairy. Our rennet is non-animal based so our cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

Do you use any preservatives in your cheese?


Are your products Halal Certified?

Yes! All our products, including haloumi, fetta, sour cream, yoghurt and specialty cheeses are Halal certified. 

Are your products Kosha approved?

Only Riverina Dairy Yoghurt and Sour Cream is Kosher approved.

Do you offer lactose-free cheeses?

Yes! We produce a lactose free haloumi, perfect for those who are lactose-intolerant (available in Coles from August 2023). Riverina Dairy Lactose Free Haloumi means lactose intolerant people can now enjoy haloumi!

Do you offer reduced fat cheeses?

Yes! We produce a Reduced Fat Haloumi which has 30% less fat than our plain haloumi and great for those wanting to feel less guilty (available in Woolworths from July 2023).

Are we suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! We use non-animal rennet?

Are we suitable for Vegan?

No. Our products contain milk.

What are the animal welfare standards and practices implemented by your cheese company in the production and sourcing of milk for your products?

Riverina Dairy and Riverina Milk complies with the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle as agreed to by all Australian governments and the ADF and we follow the policies set down by the ADF’s Animal Health and Welfare Policy Advisory Group. Please refer to the relevant links below.

Do you offer wholesale prices for restaurants and other businesses?

Yes! We offer special food service products through our distributors. For larger ongoing orders we can discuss a direct delivery. Please contact us on 1300 307 607 for more information and browse the range of Riverina Dairy Food Service products.

What is the difference between Feta and Fetta?

Both spellings are correct! The difference is that Feta is made in Greece, and the name Feta with one t is exclusively used for Greek Feta Cheese.

What is the difference between Haloumi and Halloumi?

The spelling with one or two L’s are both correct. Halloumi is made in Cyprus and in Australia we use Haloumi.

Does Riverina Dairy take enquiries regarding employment with the company?

Employment enquiries with Riverina Dairy should go through our recruitment agency – MP Training & Recruitment Wodonga or email
For Office base staff send us an enquiry via email to

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