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Haloumi Traditional – Cyprus Style
Australian Dairy Product Competition 2022 Gold

The Riverina Dairy Haloumi Cheese is a Cypriot styled cheese.

It is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese that is light yellow in appearance, with a distinctive layered texture, and has a salty flavour.

Shelf Life: 6 Months from date of manufacture for packets
Storage Conditions: Store at less than 5°C
Sensitive Customers: Lactose intolerant consumers and those with allergies pertaining to the consumption of milk and milk products
Country of Origin: Made in Australia
Directions for Use: Can be eaten uncooked or cooked. Grill to golden brown for best results. Once packet opened consume within 3 days.

Haloumi has a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled. It is delicious on the BBQ, in salads, and serves as a great meat replacement.

Serving size: 50g per Serve per 100g
Energy 755kJ 1510kJ
Protein 12.4g 24.8g
Fat – Total 14.45g 28.9g
 – Saturated 10.15g 20.3g
Carbohydrate – Total 0.45g 0.9g
 – Sugars 0.45g 0.9g
Calcium 400mg 800mg
Sodium 500mg 1000mg
Haloumi Traditional – Cyprus Style
Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show 2022 Gold
Australian Dairy Product Competition 2022 Silver
Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Awards 2019 Gold Medal Winners
Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Awards 2018 Bronze Medal Winners
Cyprus Style Haloumi Traditionally Rolled with Mint
Australian Dairy Product Competition 2022 Gold

Retail Available Sizes

180g Available in independent Supermarkets such as IGAs, FoodWorks, Romeos and Drakes. Available Nationally in Coles Supermarkets from 1st September 2020.
900g Available Nationally in Coles Supermarkets.

Food Service Available Sizes

Please contact us for a list of our distributor partners.
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